The Prestige Advantage

The foundation of Prestige Staffing’s industry-leading success is an innovative, six-phase interviewing and job screening process we call The Prestige Advantage! Each of our staff augmentation teams specialize in a specific area: IT or Healthcare. By focusing on one industry, our recruiters and managers have become experts in their respective fields and highly qualified to match the ideal candidate with the right job opportunity. By getting to know each employer and job candidate on a personal level, our experts are able to accurately gauge, not only if an applicant possesses the right qualifications for an opening, but also if the existing job culture, company mission, and professional expectations of the hiring employer would be a good fit.

The Prestige Advantage guarantees employers and job seekers that our professionals will be there from beginning to end, personally participating in recruiting, interviewing, and preparing job candidates. We play an active role in assisting employers by handling many of the reference checks, background checks, psychological assessments, skills assessment testing, and other administrative processes that accompany a new hire. Meanwhile, we offer job candidates valuable input and feedback, both before and after their job interviews. Once a decision to hire has been made, we assist with any negotiations and/or formalities to facilitate an offer and finalize provisions of an employment contract.

Finally, The Prestige Advantage means that our team is still available after a hire. We follow up with both employer and new employee to ensure that all is going well and to see if there is any additional service Prestige can offer to assist with the transition.

Benefits of The Prestige Advantage to Clients/Employers:

  • A personal relationship with a company that takes the time to understand each client’s specific needs, values, and expectations
  • The security of knowing that all job candidates have undergone a thorough screening process which includes face-to-face interviews, background checks, reference checks, any necessary psychological assessments, and skills assessment testing
  • Increased efficiency! Prestige’s experts handle the screening and administrative process, thereby saving employers valuable time and allowing them to focus on the actual job interview.
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing that Prestige is a proven leader in the job placement industry and that our company will assist with any paperwork, administrative matters, contract negotiations, and so forth, that may be necessary to ensure that the best candidate is hired

Benefits of The Prestige Advantage for Job Candidates:

  • The preparation and confidence that comes from working face-to-face with proven experts in the job placement field
  • The assurance of knowing that the professionals at Prestige will not simply “plug” candidates into an available opening, but will instead work to ensure that the jobs they interview for fit well with their personal goals and priorities
  • The security of knowing that Prestige Staffing is an industry leader that only places candidates with the most prestigious, reputable businesses
  • The assistance of specialized professionals who will help candidates prepare for the interview process, as well as assist with facilitating any job offers and/or resolving any concerns
  • Contact us today to learn more about our six-phase process and how to put the benefits of The Prestige Advantage to work for you!