The Importance of Companies Selling Themselves to Candidates

By Peter de Wetter – Director, IT Business Development

During my initial conversation with a candidate, one of the first questions I ask is “what is important to you in a company?”  While money, benefits and technologies are usually towards the top of this list, the number one “perk” is the people they will be working with.  In other words, candidates will be basing a large part of their decision to join a company on their perception of the people who interviewed them.

I recently had a client phone interviewing candidates for a senior level IT Project Manager Position in Dallas.  Because the manager was out of town, I was concerned that candidates would not come away with much enthusiasm about the position or company.  To my surprise, every candidate called me immediately after the interview to share their excitement.  It had nothing to do with money, flex hours, or big sign on bonuses and everything to do with the rapport that this director was able to build over the phone.  She spent about half of the call describing the business, the mission of the group, the culture she had built and who would fit in with the team (sense of humor was at the top).  By understanding that interviewing in today’s competitive IT market is two sided, this director was able to attract her top candidate to join the team.

No question that competitive salaries, bonuses, health benefits and technologies will play a big part in a candidate’s decision.  However, the biggest selling point doesn’t have to cost the company anything.  Use interviewers who take pride in the company and represent the culture you want to instill.

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