Small Things make a Big Difference

By Anna-Grace Veal, Senior Recruiter

Recently at Prestige Staffing, we were each given an awe-inspiring book to read entitled The Power of Small. In this book, the authors make a great case for why small can be better than big. In fact, paying attention to the small stuff now can set you up for more success. Authors Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval share real world stories of how paying attention to the small things can set you apart from your competition. Not only does the book give us invaluable tips on how to succeed in our careers, but also how to be better individuals in our world.

As a company, we decided to make October “Small Things Month” and each employee was asked to submit a few things they felt were noteworthy from their readings that we could all do to improve our company. Below are a few “small things” Prestige employees derived from their readings that they felt was important both on and off the job.

Small Thing #13: Take time to send handwritten thank you cards.

Small Thing #64: Stay positive – try to smile and have a good attitude towards everyone.

Small Thing #102: Walk over and talk to your co-worker instead of sending an email.

Small Thing #173: Show appreciation to people around you and say thank you when they open a door or hold the elevator.

In the staffing industry, we find so often how priceless the relationships we form can be. From the bonding of coworkers on team outings to the conversations had over a client coffee. All too often the personalization is lost in our world of technology. It has become entirely too easy to shoot a text or type up an email opposed to picking up the phone and calling or meeting someone for lunch. The “small things” of interaction can put your face to your name. It can help you stand out among a hundred resumes in your next job search. It can be the deciding factor on the next business deal you are trying to make.

Sometimes we feel the urge to cut corners or to do the bare minimum in our job. However, by going the extra mile, you will absolutely reap the benefits of your efforts. It’s the extra phone call during your lunch break or the extra email at the end of the day that set you above the rest. “Small, seemingly insignificant acts are powerful agents of change and growth — if we pay attention to them,” write the authors.

Taking the energy to be nice is well worth the effort. In our “dog eat dog” business world, we are oftentimes encouraged to be malicious and taught that niceness is for the weak. Contrary to popular belief, the simple act of being kind to not only your fellow employee, but to your biggest competitor is actually to your advantage. Give that extra smile, congratulate your enemy, and see where it gets you!

So I challenge you, do the “small things”, go the extra mile, and you will find that nice guys really do finish first.

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