Relationships – Part 2 of 2

Two-Part Blog on Relationships: The first from an Account Manager’s perspective and the second from a Recruiter’s perspective.

Part II

By Brinjal Patel

So the Account Manager has done everything in their power to acquire the job requirement and it is now the recruiter’s job to turn that job requirement into a placement. There is the client who has had the job requirement open for months looking for the perfect fit. Then there is the client who needs to hire twelve developers for a new project and needs them hired yesterday. Whatever the case, it is the recruiter’s job to find that one, two or twelve candidates that will be the right fit. So I source and call and we send emails. Then I call some more and keep calling until I get the right person on the phone and engaged in the opportunity. Really, it is a lot of calling!

There are job boards and networking events to find those that are actively searching. Or perhaps targeting candidates from a company that recently did a large lay-off and giving them an opportunity to land back on their feet. Then there is always the passive candidate who really isn’t looking – that is until I present them with something worth looking for. This is where our internal database comes into play and is one of our most valuable tools. Whether I find their information from an old resume posted years ago or a specific skill set catches my attention on their LinkedIn profile – these candidates, for the most part, are only ready to make a move if it is absolutely the RIGHT move! Everything from salary, commute, experience level, to company culture must be considered by both parties.

The best, most successful and perhaps most rewarding placements truly come from the relationships I have built as a recruiter. Although a particular position may not have worked for one of my candidates in the past, I keep them in mind for the future.  I continue to touch base with them every so often to maintain/build the relationship. One way I do this is by grabbing a cup of coffee to catch up. Then, when that position finally opens, the one they are a perfect fit for technically, culturally and the salary lines up – I’ve got a deal waiting to happen!

I’m not saying that we’re changing lives here or anything …well, actually I am. A ten minute commute to spend more time with family or a ten thousand dollar raise to help pay the down payment on the house of their dreams – that really is life changing.

Recruiting and sales amongst the staffing industry rests on relationships – building them, maintaining them and eventually using them as a tool for your success. All in all, the relationships we build within our team as recruiters and account managers is just as vital to our success as those we build with our clients and candidates.

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