Meaningful Work

By Kevin Floyd, Chief Operating Officer

Meaningful Work. This seems to be a hot topic these days.

I was at an event recently where we had a discussion about blending generations in the workplace. Something I learned was how much the Millennial generation values “meaningful work.” It is craved so much, in fact, that it trumps high pay, sense of accomplishment AND high responsibility according to all the recent studies. High responsibility was actually a very distant 4th.

Since our internal staff is dominated by Millennials (born late 1970s or after), I immediately started trying to connect the dots on recruiting and meaningful work. The more I processed this, the more convinced I became at how meaningful the work we do really is!

In 2011, Prestige put 343 people to work.
In 2012, we’ve already put 248 people to work in 6 months!

Wow. That is nearly 600 meaningful WIN-WIN scenarios our Prestige Team has created in the last 18 months.

We too often get wrapped up in the process of recruiting, the grind, the ups and downs, etc. But how often do we consider how much of an impact we are having on dozens of people we’re able to help secure new jobs each month? And what about the clients that hadn’t found the talent they needed after months and months of searching until we showed up?

After 12+ years in the business, I sometimes take for granted how much positive influence we can have on the livelihoods of so many people and the value offered by so many companies. I’m reminded and smile when I see thank you emails, gifts sent to our office and sincere gratitude for having connected one to the other. There is a special sense of “meanfulness” when we’re able to successfully make these connections.

Good jobs provide financial provision, “meaningful work” and community. Good employees add value, do “meaningful work” and increase profit. Recruiters like us are the sticking agent.

What a great reminder that our industry indeed offers an incredible opportunity to do meaningful work every single day. As recruiters, we’re able to make a difference in a very significant way and it sure can be fun when we slow down long enough to reflect.

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