Life in a Start Up Office – Dallas

By Marija Ilazovic – Manager, IT Recruiting

Picture this…it’s Friday afternoon in the office. I’m feeling good, excited about a game day weekend in Auburn (I’ve never been so this is even more exciting and their season is terrible so I know UGA is going to win) and I get called into the office to speak with my boss. Sitting across from an EVP and COO would make anyone’s mind race, but what ended up happening was DEFINITELY not on my radar.

The decision to move for a company is never an easy one, but in my case it was the right one. Helping open up an office with four of your co-workers is an exciting challenge, rollercoaster ride of emotions and the most rewarding professional experience I have had yet. There are days when my job description calls for duties outside of the usual day to day of recruiting (painting the walls in our office, printer is spitting out paper in the most unusual ways and the list goes on). Those are the days that I’m the most excited to be a part of this experience. For me, helping to build an office from the ground up brings to mind ideas about the future and also the ability to one day look back and say, “I painted those splotchy blue walls.” We are able to form our own culture and take the great things we learned from our leadership and mold them in a way that works for us!

All joking aside, helping start an office has its challenges too. I am completely and utterly emotionally involved with every candidate that makes it to a final interview. The whole concept of “teamwork” is taken to a whole new level. We all collaborate on ideas and how we should handle situations. Most deals that we close are a team effort and done for the benefit of the future growth of the company. The small things matter more and the big things are valued and celebrated more often. That to me is one of my favorite things about working for a smaller office. Watching it grow with the intent of not only growing our office, but the company as a whole. That’s the great thing about Prestige, unlimited opportunities and great leadership.

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